Does it cost me to list?

If you are a personal user, it is free to list. You will need to join a little clucker plan (at no cost). Then, you will be able to submit one free listing. If you require more listings or are a business, please join our Major or Colossal Clucker plans (these do cost). You can view all our plans here.

Do I have to be a breeder to list?

No, you do not have to be a breeder. Anyone with poultry for sale can submit their listing.

We encourage breeders to show a wide variety of poultry to our buyers.

What is the breeder directory?

As well as individual listings we also offer a breeder directory. This is useful if you are looking for an ongoing supply of chickens or a particular breed in your location. These are not individual listings with images, rather a list of contacts.

Is this an Australian website?

Yes! We are based in Noosa QLD, although service all of Australia. We own and run The Good Life Backyard, a backyard chicken supplies store. Over the years we have so many enquires of people searching for chickens and other poultry for sale. We thought why not create a platform ourselves?!

How do I contact the seller?

On the listing page, you can send a message directly to the seller. Sometimes a seller has their own website and will direct you there. This is up to you. Our recommendation is to contact them through this platform as we are able to moderate any queries.

Do you guarantee my purchase?

Whilst we manually check every listing, we are unable to vet in person. If you purchase from one of our listings, this is at your own risk.

We provide a platform to connect sellers and buyers but cannot guarantee any purchase made.

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