by Katherine Shen

2 Isla browns ready to lay 1 old girl not laying but v pretty . Will only sell as a group . Happy to sell...

 Chicken/Hen /  Sydney / Featured

aud 150.00

by Kerry Harding

2 healthy free range chickens

 Chicken/Hen /  Central Coast / Popular Featured

by Ben Stanton

5-6 Month old Isla Brown hens. Each laying one healthy egg/day. Have been raised free range plus laying pellets (not included) enquires 0409591165

 Chicken/Hen /  South Coast / Popular Featured

aud 100.00

by Alicia Finch

Bantams Family 4weeks old mix sex and Mother / option English Game Partridg heritage. Free rangers game No need any further assistance or heating.

 Chicken/Hen /  Kempsey / Popular Featured

aud 15.00

by kat

Selling my 3 beautiful Araucana hens. 2 Lavendars are 2 year old and salmon one is 1.5yo they lay coloured 🥚 Prefer to sell the...

 Chicken/Hen /  Brisbane / Popular Featured

aud 135.00

by peter milton

3 bantam hens just started laying 2-3 eggs daily, pick up glen innes 2370 nsw

 Chicken/Hen /  Glen Innes Severn / Popular Featured

aud 12,303.00

by Michelle Skurray

Light Sussex x bantam x frizzle $10 each. I have these cuties for sale - ten are 14 weeks old and half a dozen 8...

 Chicken/Hen /  SA / Popular Featured

aud 10.00

by Jordan Hingston

17 Hyline hens, moulting at the moment. 18 months old

 Chicken/Hen /  TAS / Popular Featured

aud 15.00

by Olga Gramat

 Chicken/Hen /  Sydney / Popular

by Dean Paterson

All the above available occasionally roosters have one hen set on four eggs

 Chicken/Hen /  QLD / Popular

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