by Erins Eggs

I have lots of chicks available of different age groups There are pure silkies, 3/4 silkies, and some mixed with polish, frizzle and backed neck...

 Chick /  Gold Coast / Popular

aud 10.00

by Shy Randall

2 Beautiful cream leg bar girls 4 days old ( only selling in pairs)

 Chick /  VIC / Popular

aud 60.00

by Shy Randall

2 beautiful cream legbar girls 4 weeks old ( selling in pairs only)

 Chick /  VIC / Popular

aud 100.00

by Deb Cooper

Professionally sexed Bond commercial layer chicks - $15 each. I will refund your money if you get a rooster. No replacements available at this time....

 Chick /  Redland / Popular

aud 15.00