by belinda morelli

Organic free range boys, hatched and raised by my daughter in doonan. We have too many roosters in our flock! We need some to go...

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aud 20.00

by John

Gold Laced Wyandotte & Silver Laced Wyandotte Fertile ess express posted in eggspress safe cartons.  Fertility is over 90%

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aud 45.00

by kat

Selling my 3 beautiful Araucana hens. 2 Lavendars are 2 year old and salmon one is 1.5yo they lay coloured 🥚 Prefer to sell the...

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by Melinda Darx

Muscovy ducks all ages Located woodford 4514 Pm for info

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by Haylee Hastings

I breed show quality jumbo Japanese quails in a couple of colours. I have hatchs every 2 to 3 weeks so hopefully you don't have...

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by Debbie Prouten

Ah, I see! It sounds like you're looking for a captivating description for Coronation Sussex Fertile Eggs. Here's a suggestion: 👑 Introducing the Royalty of...

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aud 50.00

by Dean Paterson

All the above available occasionally roosters have one hen set on four eggs

 Chicken/Hen /  QLD

by Erins Eggs

I have lots of chicks available of different age groups There are pure silkies, 3/4 silkies, and some mixed with polish, frizzle and backed neck...

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aud 10.00

by Deb Cooper

Professionally sexed Bond commercial layer chicks - $15 each. I will refund your money if you get a rooster. No replacements available at this time....

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