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by Adrian Wilson

Turkey poults Lavender Bronzewing 4 weeks old Unsexed 5 of each left Gosnells area $30 each By appointment only Text or pm preferred The chicken...

 Chick, Turkey /  Gosnells / Popular Featured

aud 30.00

by Michelle Skurray

Light Sussex x bantam x frizzle $10 each. I have these cuties for sale - ten are 14 weeks old and half a dozen 8...

 Chicken/Hen /  SA / Popular Featured

aud 10.00

by Melinda Darx

Muscovy ducks all ages Located woodford 4514 Pm for info

 Ducks /  Moreton Bay / Popular Featured

by Jordan Hingston

17 Hyline hens, moulting at the moment. 18 months old

 Chicken/Hen /  TAS / Popular Featured

aud 15.00

by Haylee Hastings

I breed show quality jumbo Japanese quails in a couple of colours. I have hatchs every 2 to 3 weeks so hopefully you don't have...

 Quail /  Logan / Popular Featured

aud 10.00

by ASH

Japanese quail 1 week old on the 29th of March. Also have fertile eggs of varying qty for quail, guinea fowl and Wyandotte chickens.

 Quail /  Central Coast / Popular Featured

aud 7.00

by Fred

Friendly roosters for sale. They are around thend 4 month old. $25 each Great for protecting hens. Pick up 3108 

 Rooster /  Melbourne

aud 25.00

by Olga Gramat

 Chicken/Hen /  Sydney

by Dean Paterson

All the above available occasionally roosters have one hen set on four eggs

 Chicken/Hen /  QLD

by Erins Eggs

I have lots of chicks available of different age groups There are pure silkies, 3/4 silkies, and some mixed with polish, frizzle and backed neck...

 Chick /  Gold Coast

aud 10.00

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Everyday we were asked where can I buy a chicken? I need to sell a flock member, any ideas of how? The idea of providing a platform to connect buyers and sellers was born. We currently supply all your backyard chicken supplies, now we can connect you with your next chicken! Please remember to be polite and courteous with other members of our community. Note: we are not affiliated with these breeders and accept no responsibility. We are just providing a network to connect breeders and buyers.

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Do chicken's need shell grit?

Adding shell grit to your chicken’s diet is vitally important – it’s essential to their digestive system healthy and functioning well, and helps to ensure they have access to the nutrients their bodies demand.

What is shell grit?

Shell grit is a chicken dietary supplement, aiding in digestion and also benefiting their dietary health. Shell grit is made of ground-up, gritty sea shells. It both looks and feels like coarse gravel.

Breed Profiles


The Wyandotte chicken, with its striking appearance and friendly temperament, is a beloved breed among poultry enthusiasts. Known for their beautiful feather patterns, Wyandottes come in various colours, adding a vibrant touch to any flock.  They are excellent layers of large brown eggs, making them highly valued for their productivity. Wyandottes are also hardy and adaptable, thriving in different climates. Whether you’re seeking a pretty addition to your backyard or a reliable egg producer, the Wyandotte chicken is an excellent choice for both novice and experienced chicken keepers alike.


The Polish chicken, with its eccentric and eye-catching appearance, is a breed that stands out from the crowd. Known for its distinctive crest of feathers atop its head, resembling a stylish hat, the Polish chicken is a favourite among poultry enthusiasts and backyard chicken keepers. While their crests may obstruct their vision to some extent, Polish chickens make up for it with their friendly and sociable nature. They enjoy human interaction and can become quite tame and affectionate with proper handling. While Polish chickens are not the most prolific egg layers, they compensate with their cuteness factor and entertaining presence. 

naked neck

The Naked Neck chicken, also known as Turkens, is a breed that stands out with its distinct appearance and intriguing features. True to its name, the Naked Neck chicken has a bare or partially featherless neck, which sets it apart from other chicken breeds. This unique attribute is the result of a genetic mutation known as “naked neck” or “Fm/Fm” gene. Despite its unusual appearance, the Naked Neck chicken is highly adaptable and thrives in various climates, including both hot and cold regions. This breed’s exposed neck offers an advantage in warm weather, allowing for better heat dissipation. Naked Neck chickens are known for their hardiness, resourcefulness, and resilience. They are excellent foragers and can adapt well to free-range environments. Additionally, Naked Neck chickens are reliable egg layers, producing eggs of average size and quality.


Silkies are a unique and enchanting breed that captures the hearts of poultry enthusiasts worldwide. With their distinct fluffy plumage, Silkie chickens resemble little balls of soft fur rather than typical feathered birds. These gentle and docile chooks have a friendly disposition, making them excellent companions and pets for both adults and children. Silkie chickens are known for their broodiness and are exceptional mothers, often hatching and caring for eggs of other breeds. While they may not be the most prolific egg layers, their eggs are prized for their smaller size and rich, creamy yolks. 


Brahma are known for their impressive size. Originating from the Brahmaputra region in India, these birds exhibit a combination of elegance and strength. With their towering stature, feathered shanks, and distinctively feathered feet, Brahma chickens make a striking addition to any flock or exhibition. Despite their large size, they have a calm and docile temperament, making them suitable for both novice and experienced chicken keepers. Brahma chickens are not only admired for their appearance but also valued for their productivity. They are known for their reliable egg-laying capabilities, producing a steady supply of large brown eggs.


pekin bantam

Pekin Bantams are a true delight in the poultry world. With their fluffy feathers and compact bodies, Pekin Bantams are simply irresistible. They are known for their friendly and docile temperament, making them excellent choices for backyard pets and even for families with children. Pekin Bantams come in various colours, including black, white, buff, and many more, adding a splash of vibrancy to any flock.  Additionally, Pekin Bantams are often showcased in poultry exhibitions and competitions, where their unique and charming appearance is highly admired. 

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